Know When to Call Your Mechanic

Modern vehicles are more reliable than ever, and your car might run for years without giving you any trouble at all. Then suddenly it dies and leaves you stranded. You are left wondering what happened. Life can be full of surprises, but your car will often give you some warning signs.

Unusual Bumps, Shimmies, and Vibrations

Engine vibrations, lack of power, or strange shifting patterns from the transmission mean that something is wrong with your powertrain. A steering wheel vibration indicates a problem with the brakes or suspension. Loud bumps from the engine compartment could mean that something is broken or loose. These problems should be looked at by auto repair expert.

Hard Starts

If everything is working correctly, your engine should fire right up. If your engine takes longer than normal to start, you could be looking at a weak battery or a bad fuel pump. Either problem will eventually leave you stranded. Hard starting conditions can also be caused by faulty sensors and engine electronics. A diagnosis will be necessary to identify the appropriate car repair.

Strange Noises

Certified Car Care says that grinding noises from the engine are never a good sign. Damaged pully bearings are loud and can throw the engine belt. This leads to massive damage to other components. Grinding or clicking noises can also be caused by bad wheel bearings or axle joints. When an axle fails, your vehicle will lose the ability to send power to your wheels.
Following auto maintenance recommendations will limit your likelihood of experiencing these problems, but these obvious signs indicate that you need to get your car into a shop for an immediate car repair.