The Dune Buggy

Have you ever thought about owning a dune buggy and being able to blast over a sand dune or drive up a desert wash? If this sounds like fun then you might want to consider buying a dune buggy or off road vehicle.

For many decades the off road enthusiasts have been taking regular old VW motors and bolting them up to a dune buggy frame making them capable of going over all most any terrain in front of them. But today it goes far beyond the VW dune buggy, now manufactures are offering V8 motors, incredible suspension and the comforts of a luxury vehicle. (Source:

The dune buggy goes back to the late 1950’s when you would take a car or VW bug and strip it down to the frame, weld in a roll cage and bolt on larger tires for additional traction. People now had an offroad vehicle that could take on the elements of the desert and venture out where most people have not been. It did not take to long before companies popped up offering conversion kits for the VW bug and other small cars. As companies progressed in the off road field the dune buggy became more reliable and sophisticated.

Fast forward to today’s technology and the choices and options for building a dune buggy are endless. There are many professional dune buggy manufactures in the business today that have the knowledge and experience to create an offroad vehicle that will give you an unforgettable driving experience.