What Causes The A/C System In My Car To Leak?

The simple answer to why your car’s A/C system is leaking is moisture and age. The rubber seals and hoses in the air conditioning system eventually lose there elasticity and the rubber will breakdown. This allows the Freon in the system to leak out and moisture to get into the air conditioning system. Once the moisture enters the system and mixes with the refrigerant it creates a corrosive acid that will ruin the A/C internal components. These components include the drier, receiver and accumulator which are responsible for getting rid of the moisture in the air conditioning system.

How do you test for an A/C system leak?
There are two ways to test your air conditioning system for a leak. The first way is by using a black light. Most refrigerants come premixed with a U.V. dye that will show up under a black light displaying where the leak is coming from. The second way is to use a device called a sniffer. The sniffer will detect the refrigerants chemical components and point to the leak.

What is the odor coming from my A/C vents?
If your air conditioning is blowing air that smells musty, then it is time to have it checked out. There are usually two reasons for the odd smell. Your cabin filter needs to be replaced or a moldy evaporator case.