Trailer Plumbing

What Type Of Plumbing Does My Travel Trailer Have?

Your travel trailer uses many different types of plumbing materials such as vinyl, copper, and ABS to bring and drain water to your bath, sinks and toilet. Newer model travel trailers use flexible tubing to prevent water leaks caused by vibrations and movement.

The plumbing in older model travel trailers will usually consist of copper piping to deliver the water to your faucets. If they are in need of replacement now is the time to convert them over to flexible piping which will be far more reliable. The plumbing fixtures in your travel trailer can sometimes be replaced with fixtures like you would use in your home, but many times due to the compact nature of the faucets you will need to replace it with an RV faucet. If your faucets in your trailer are leaking or dripping you can usually use standard rubber washers to replace them.

The toilet in your travel trailer is a specially designed toilet for use in an RV. You can not put a residential toiler in your trailer if it needs to be replaced. If you do not want to go to the expense of buying a new toilet, check to see if they have a rebuild kit for it. This will save you quite a bit of money from buying a new one.