Downtime’s Effects On Your Vehicle Fleet

Having your fleet vehicles in downtime is sometimes a misunderstood concept. When your fleet vehicle is not in use for a measurable amount of time and is not ready to be scheduled for a repair or service this would be considered down time. The keyword downtime equals vehicle not in use. When the fleet vehicle is not in use by its assigned driver but it goes in for service is also not considered downtime because the fleet vehicle was not being used at the time it went in for service.

Here is an example for a fleet vehicle to be in down time. The driver of the vehicle has a driving schedule of Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. On Friday the vehicle is scheduled for a preventative maintenance at 6:00pm. Once the service is complete the driver is notified on Monday morning by 7:00am that his fleet vehicle is ready for pickup. Since the service was performed when the vehicle was not in use, this ends up with the fleet vehicle having zero downtime for the driver.

When you understand how downtime works for your fleet vehicles it allows you to schedule repairs or maintenance when your vehicle in not in use by its assigned driver keeping the vehicle on the road when needed. By keeping accurate records of your fleet vehicles and when downtime occurs for each of them will have your fleet operation down only 5 percent of the time when service is required.